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Challenges Facing Business Today

Tug of War

The world is rapidly changing and as a result business is feeling the shifts too. Greater pressure is being placed upon corporations and entrepreneurs to be more fiscally, socially and ethically responsible for the roles they play in our planet’s survival.

The business world is feeling the pull to change.

Employees want a different kind of involvement in their companies. It’s no longer enough to show up, do a good job, take home a paycheck and do it all over again tomorrow.


2w6bfiqThe work force is better educated and has greater access to information than ever before. Thanks to the World Wide Web we know what is happening across the globe in minutes rather than weeks or months.

Wide availability of information gives people a greater sense of connection and causes people to think differently. We are rapidly moving from a national citizen mindset to a global citizen mindset. As people shift to a greater global awareness the consequences of individual and corporate actions become more apparent. A heightened awareness leads to new and different decisions as the needs of employees shift.

Personal fulfillment now includes working for companies with a bigger vision and greater global and social responsibility.


Ethical Responsibility

FrogEmployees are actively seeking ‘green’ companies to work for. They want their companies to mirror their values. Reducing pollution, waste and ending environmental destruction are important issue

They want healthier environments to work within. This may include having onsite childcare, exercise areas, and healthy food selections within the work setting.



Social Responsibility

aboriginesThey want the company they align with to be socially responsible. This means decisions which impact the success of the company have an equally beneficial impact on society.

When employees return home at night and watch the news they want to be proud their company contributed to the community and the world at large.

What’s good for one is good for all.


Fiscal Responsibility

piggy bankEmployees also want their company to be fiscally responsible and work with wise spending across the board. Greed driven agendas are no longer being tolerated.

Corporate and personal accountability is a requisite for sustainable success. Business can’t remain profitable with huge payrolls and golden parachutes for top executives while their workforce struggles to survive on low wages.



Declining Attitudes and Despair

despairIt is becoming harder and harder to keep people motivated, focused, and engaged in producing.

Discouragement and apathy is rampant in companies across the nation.

Attitudes are declining which affect the outcome of company profits.

How can this change? 

How can you help create change?


Old Habits

puzzle fittingWise company owners and managers are realizing old company habits must be altered to keep a strong and dedicated workforce. Change must occur with everyone in the entire company.

Owners and managers may desire to implement change, but don’t know what to do or how to do it.

Employees often have lots of great ideas. These ideas can save the company money and make the company operate more efficiently, but they feel disconnected from management. Old beliefs that management doesn’t care or wouldn’t listen if someone spoke up still remain.


It’s time for a paradigm shift.

It’s time for something different to take place.

You may say, “I have tried the motivation stuff and it doesn’t work.” You’re right! It doesn’t work. If motivation and inspiration were all that was needed, lasting changes would have happened long ago. Motivation isn’t the answer. It works for the short term. After a few days or weeks people revert back to their old ways.

Why is that?

New Behaviors

To have a new behavior mobilized and sustained over time, you must access and transform the underlying beliefs and attitudes that drive the behaviors. Mindset change has to be included at the subconscious level for real and lasting changes to occur.

Subconscious Beliefs

Neuroscientists now agree as much as 95% of our activity is driven by beliefs and habits at the subconscious level. This is the level below our conscious awareness and includes instincts, thoughts, and behaviors.

Contrary Beliefs to Success

Underlying beliefs and attitudes are often the result of life long ‘programming,’ which represents a powerful influence on human behavior. Even committed, motivated and well trained individuals often limit themselves because the subconscious mind maintains beliefs contrary to success.

Change the Mindset

If we want dynamic change in our company we have to first create mindset changes within those who work in the company. How do we do that?

Think Bigger – Think Differently!

You may have heard, “We have to think globally and act locally.” This is true. However, locally means ‘within our own being,’ not something or someplace outside of ourselves. We need to keep a global view and understand our personal and organizational decisions impact the entire planet and human race. When we shift our internal beliefs (locally) we have a profound effect on the environment (globally).

Interconnection and Interdependence

As human beings we are interconnected and interdependent on our natural resources, yet we scarcely consider the impact of our decisions and actions. What we do today, the purchase orders we sign for, the suppliers we buy from, the toxic wastes we dump or pump as byproducts of our manufacturing, etc. all have an impact for every living being on the planet.

How do we shift our businesses to be more

honorable and responsible?

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